serve india mission

Our Mission

Serve India Mission (SIM) is a lay movement,
whose mission is to promote Christian love and fellowship 
to serve Indians wherever they are: 
by presenting the Good News 
of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom 
by word and by deed that by all means great many of them may embrace Christ, 
enjoy the transforming power of the Gospel, 
exemplify a just and a caring society and ensue life everlasting.

Our Principles
With the enabling grace and enduring power of God, we seek to 
walk with God faithfully;
Take Christ and His word seriously;
Grow and Glow in the likeness of Jesus spectacularly;
Serve Him joyfully; 
Speak the truth in love gracefully; Establish kind and caring relationship compassionately;
 Face challenges and obstacles cheerfully;
 Glorify God jubilantly
 and be ever ready to meet Christ triumphantly.


erve India Mission(SIM) is a movement of God born to serve Jesus Christ, His Church and His peoples in this millennium.

SIM is a partnership of Friends and Followers of  Jesus Christ irrespective of their race, language, color, culture, style of worship, form of Church management and denominational affiliation.
SIM is a fellowship of men and women of God who with a passion for the Lord and compassion for His people would love to see God’s Kingdom come among their own people living across the Globe. 

SIM wants to work together in one accord with such men and women of excellence to do the work of God with unity, dignity and integrity. 

SIM strongly believes that the Church is God’s chosen instrument to execute the Great Commission of the Lord.
SIM wants to motivate, equip and mobilise keenly committed Christian lay potential of the Church for a concerted action, directly and indirectly, with the full co-operation of all Churches in India. 

 SIM loves to touch the lives of fellow Bharathiyas wherever they are that they all may experience the transforming friendship with Jesus Christ and partake the rich and abundant life as a gift from God. 

SIM hopes to promote freedom and change, joy and peace, truth and love, justice and integrity in the lives of people from all walks of life by presenting Jesus Christ who is the source of all good and perfect gifts. 

SIM wants to make use of all available media to achieve her objective to promote the cause of Christ and His mission because a multicultural India needs a multimedia approach to mission.

SIM needs you and your personal involvement, fervent prayers and your liberal and faithful support. 

You can help us as we serve the Lord for the dawning of His Kingdom in the lives of millions of fellow Bharathiyas. 
* Promote this vision  
* Connect like-minded Christian Indians with us  
* Share your love and support to us, that we could together make an impact in our own Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and in   the regions beyond simultaneously. 

Yes! We can do it together

Joyfully serving Indians across the globe...